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Worldwide shipping started

Free returns and exchanges for all items

To those of you who always love me.

We are very much taken care of.

This time, U:UME has decided to continue to implement the free return exchange system, which was scheduled to be limited to one month from March.


-Please return to customer support or chat within 3 days of arrival of the item, and offer to exchange the item.

· Please return the item to the specified address by payment. (We will guide you from customer support staff)

Because we are confident in our products, it is a rule that we want more people to feel a rich shopping experience through the U:UME brand.

We apologise again to customers who are taking time to deliver and causing great inconvenience, and we would like to continue to work as a brand to keep customers at the highest priority, step by step.

I would like to thank you for your continued complement.