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U: Run UME Fruits Brands Group Co., Ltd. is currently looking for members to enliven the brand together.

Fruits Brands Group Co., Ltd. aims to create a brand that can express the world view of the brand to the fullest and create stories for customers that will put them in the world of fantasy dreams.

We believe that brand is the most important thing in everything, and branding is the most important strength in our company. The desire is to be able to work with members and friends who love and nurture the brand. Why not grow a brand together and create a beautiful story of the brand with your own hands.

[Open job]

1. Osaka Umeda Commercial Facility Opening Staff Manager Candidate (with sales experience and preferential treatment) Some names


1. Osaka Umeda Commercial Facility  Opening staff manager candidate (sales experience and preferential treatment)

We are looking for sales staff and manager candidates who can work full-time and part-time in physical stores at Umeda Commercial Facility.

U: As it is UME's first physical store, we welcome those who are able to look forward to a position that is willing to prepare the next store manager and measures to satisfy customers.

● Who is facing

Those who want to learn branding seriously.

U: If you like UME.

Those who feel that work while talking directly with customers is fun.

Men and women, age do not question.

● Days of Work & Hours

It is being adjusted, but since it is a store that is open every day, we will ask you by shift system. It also includes Saturday and Sunday work.

Welcome those who can come to work from Friday, March 17, 2023.

● Qualification

If you have experience in sales, we will treat you very well.

There is no other condition.

● Contract form

Full-time, part-time, etc. Please fill in your resume with your own wishes.

●Treatment benefits

-Complete with social insurance
-Brand employee discount
-Full payment for transportation

-I have permanent employment.

-There is an incentive system

-Clothing when working in stores is undecided specifically, but we believe that fashion that takes care of personality is the most desirable.

● How to apply

Please fill in your resume (please fill in the desired position) and send it to the following email address by data.

Only those who select documents will guide you for an interview.

Adoption window: info@fruitsbrandsgroup.com